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March 27, 2017



As a creative, it’s sometimes hard to be relatable to others that don’t quite understand the special kind of ‘creative crazy land’ that I inhabit for most of my week.

The endless daydreaming, the manic midnight inspiration sessions, the quest to create, and the ability to lose myself in a patch of creativity that takes over practical stuff, like cooking and paying bills. The drive to create is a strange beast, that can be hard to identify sometimes...

For me, I have been so lucky to be raised in a home surrounded by women who also lose themselves in this dreamland, and no one more so than my talented sister and resident mega babe, Stephanie Heideman.

From the earliest age, we scribbled, styled, painted and created together, guided by our talented mumma who sewed, modelled, decorated around us, and our childhood was a kaleidoscope of colour, design and whimsy. I admired (somewhat enviously) her deft hand with pencil or paint, and she wore proudly my early attempts of jewellery (macaroni necklaces in gold anyone?)

I marvel at her works, sometimes complex and intricate patterns of ink and pen, or dreamy resin creations that draw you in with memorising abstraction. She creates pieces that you can’t stop staring at, and i’m awed by her talent every day.

Stephanie has a knack of highlighting the beauty in the everyday, as well as creating a world of fantasy with her artwork and prints. From woodland animals to Rihanna, she turns everything into a visual magic. These pieces sell across the world now, and I couldn’t be more proud to see her creations  pop up in boutiques and homes across the globe.

From surfboards to portraits, my sis literally turns any empty canvass into a lust worthy, authentic artwork, and so I was thrilled when she agreed to work with Damselfly to create a collection of prints for us. She has taken my obsession with gemstones, and spun her own artistic magic into them, and the result is a range of six bespoke prints of impeccable detail and beauty.

I feel so damn #blessed that my best friend is my sister, and my sister is such a talented artist. To share the love of design and creation has created a bond that is both inspirational and a whole lot of fun. It’s a crazy, messy, world that I’m happy we share together.

CH xx



March 12, 2017



Tomorrow the Full Moon is rising in all it's glory, and you KNOW that means things are about to get a little cray-cray right?

Ok, before I hear any non-believers trying to tell me that the moon has nothing to do with human behaviour and emotions, let me just first explain why this has ALWAYS been the case. 

This isn't a new age hippie thing to believe in full moons and their effects. I mean, it's not just a Teen Wolf kinda vibe, you know? (On a side note, wasn't that just a classic 80's memory right there. Seriously Netflix, start streaming that nostalgic magic)

No, indeed if we even look at the age old language surrounding moon driven behaviour, we can see that this is a long-term ideology.

The term 'lunacy' comes from the latin origin of 'lunaticus', meaning, literally 'moonstruck'. We call it the Lunar effect, and it's what we pull out as an explanation when people seemingly lose their proverbial shit during the full moon. 

Teachers roll their eyes when a full moon is coming, knowing the kids will go loco, and hippies only cut their hair during this time, because, um, well.. hippies. People are charging their crystals, and it changes the tide and the vibe, big time. 

This upcoming full moon is a BIG one. And maybe we can even see that it was going to be, because it is one that predicts turmoil and a lack of understanding, and a wild spirited discontent. And as the world around us gets more divided, angrier, and people seems less 'sparkly' lately, well, maybe the full moon effect has more weight than we think...

For us mainly, it's a chance to regroup, hit restart and get a fresh perspective. We're going to drink wine, dance in the rain, sing at the stars and then embrace the new moon rising. It signals rebirth, a clean slate and a wave of inspiration. And that's something we think is worth losing our shit over. 

Stay wild moon child.

CH xx










March 02, 2017



Each month, we are heading behind the scenes of our favourite stockists to find out a little bit about the people beyond the shop front. 

This time, we chat to the gorgeous Hailey from Dear BlackBird Boutique about fashion, philanthropy and snake haired man-slayers...

1, Who is Dear Blackbird? 

Dear Blackbird is a women's clothing and lifestyle boutique in the quaint country town of Warragul, Vic. We offer an electric mix of cool Australian fashion and super gorge homewares.

2, What gets you out of bed and into work every day? 

That amazing feeling you get when you are living the life you've always wanted, and every day is a fun new adventure! That, and coffee.

3, Why did you select Damselfly to be in Dear Blackbird? 

Who else could read our thoughts and put them on candles! Damselfly candles speak for those that have quiet voices, but loud imaginations! #candlegamestrong 

4, What has been the best reaction to our quote candles?  Any funny/awkward stories you can share? 

We've definitely been scoffed and frowned at and have seen heads shaking as they grab their children's hands and leave the store...but we have also seen 90 year old women chuckling alone by the candles, groups of girlfriends laughing loudly and secretly buying them for each other. And my favourite moment, seeing 'proud tears' come from my mummas eyes when she saw that we had collaborated on a Damselfly 'Fuck Cancer'' candle and raised over $4000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in her honour.

5, If you were a Damselfly quote, which one would you be?

It depends on my mood, today I'm definitely feeling ''Drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap and handle it''  because being an adult is hard sometimes! If you asked my partner, we would say it's ''Cute, but psycho. But cute"'

6, What is your all time favourite Damselfly scent? 

INCA for sure, it mellows me out!

7, What is up next for Dear Blackbird?

We have some suuuuupperrr exciting things happening this year! One thing in particular is going to knock your socks off and you'll never see it coming! But its a surprise, so you'll have to sign up to our newsletter via our website to get the goss! We'll be announcing it at the end of August! www.dearblackbirdboutique.com.au

8, And finally….. Mythical creature of choice - mermaid, unicorn or….. ?

 Medusa would be one of my favs. That bitch is cray, she has a head full of snakes and can turn men to stone with a single look!


February 07, 2017



Ah, 'Le Valentine's Day...'

The national day of love, romance, nervous glances at the door when a flower delivery comes a knockin'.. and then the nonchalant shrug when they don't head in your direction. The highs and lows of a day we pretend not to care about right?

Of course, we are feisty, fearless feminists here at HQ, so we don't need red roses to make us feel special. (for one thing, we obvs think roses are pretty 90's, and for another, we expect random flowers for no reason every day because we are god damn queens) 

As for love itself? Meh... Of course we are pretty laid back. We just want a partner that makes us laugh, treats us like a precious creature but NEVER tells us we can't do something for ourselves. We want someone to watch us fly, but to be there to catch us if we ever fall.

We want strength, but softness, passionate physical love and best friendship. We want the fairytale with the next door comfort. We want to be respected and adored. We want independence, and companionship all at once. We want it all. And have it all we shall. 

Now, we're not old fashioned here, so personally we really don't mind if the fairytale has a shiny ring included or not.. BUT.. *hold our glass, we've got a little something to say. 

It's 2017. Love is LOVE. The fact that the right to marry in this country is reduced down to gender is just outdated. To remove the equal rights of our same sex lovin' friends because of a marriage act written in like, 1578 is totes embarrassing for all of us.

In our eyes, you should be able to marry a man, woman, or unicorn if you want. (ok, a unicorn is going a bit far) but it's just about true love, right? So this Valentine's Day, shout from the rooftops that you want EVERYONE to be able to celebrate their love. Officially, legally, and with whomever makes their heart flutter. Fly your rainbow flag high for everyone. It's time. 

Happy V Day Lovers! 

 CH xx







January 19, 2017



Some days you dream about being a mermaid, other days you dream about changing the world. Well, here at Damselfly we like to make dreams a reality and that is exactly what we are doing. We are on a mission to wake, slay, and call in the unicorn troops (psst that’s you!) to increase support to those affected by pancreatic cancer.

We have lined up with Georgia Love and the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (Pancare) on the frontline to help raise much needed funds and keep the love burning.

Georgia Love first opened her heart on national TV in her quest to find love as a Bachelorette. Her quest in the name of love has not stopped there. After recently losing her mother to Pancreatic Cancer, Georgia saw an opportunity to make a change and increase awareness of the disease – and as a recently appointed Pancare Ambassador, that is exactly what she is doing.

As the saying goes, keep your enemies close, right? Yeah, we’re watching you, Cancer! And so is the Pancare Foundation, a not-for-profit charity like no other, which is dedicated to supporting those affected.

Pancreatic Cancer currently has the lowest survival rate of all cancers, and this has sadly been unchanged for the last 40 years. The mission of the Pancare Foundation is to keep the light shining and make a difference by raising vital funding and support for medical research.

Our quest? When life throws you lemons, make candles! In collaboration with the Pancare Foundation, Georgia and the Damselfly team have created a candle that surely does keep our passion for love burning bright. Reading ‘love is all you need’ and wafting a choice of two heart-warming scents, it’s a candle that makes a difference and one that Georgia holds dear to her heart. 100% of profits will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation to assist them in fulfilling their purpose of increasing survival and support to those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Mermaids, arm the troops with love and unite – let’s kick cancer to the curb!  

November 17, 2016



Just like Damselfly, State of Grace know how to rock a good pun, so we knew it was a match made in fashion heaven.

We first came across the cute AF work of the Canadian based besties whilst we were on an online shopping binge, and have been obsessed with their brand ever since. 

Describing their range as a " premium loungewear line designed for life's less graceful moments. Easy to wear, quality pieces designed with deadly hangovers, pizza addictions and netflix marathons in mind. Mixed personalities of quick witt and sophistication give loungewear a fun, fresh new look" Seriously? They had us at Resting Brunch Face. 

And anytime we come across another girl brand that gives us all the lols, we know we need to join forces. So that's exactly what we did. 

We've teamed up to create the most covetable gift packs featuring fresh AF tees, teamed with an exclusive quote candle gifted together in our galaxy print pouch. Adding a whole lot of sass to your Sunday sessions. 
Happy shopping guys, tanks a lot! (you see what we did there...!) :)
CH xx 

November 08, 2016


Good Vibes Only.. Our VIP sale.

Chrisssttmasss is coming!

We know it's only November, but the sun is out, we can feel those summer holiday vibes starting, and we're really trying to adult properly this year and avoid the last minute Xmas rush. Because, let's be honest, the last few weekends in December are for parties, not panic shopping, right? 

So to make life a bit more zen-like, we are throwing open the doors to our mermaid lair for our first ever warehouse sale with some of our favourite brands. We've never open up our studio for a sale before, and we are super excited about the stock we have on offer! 

Along with our mates from Sticks & Sparrow, and Fressko, we've rounded up a range of products that will knock EVERYONE off your list this year. All local, all gorgeous, ethical designs and the highest quality. There will be everything from sunglasses for your BFF, coffee flasks for your bro, AND of course, the best selection of Damselfly quote candles, body products and jewels. 

What makes this a bit more special?

Everyone that comes along goes into the draw to win a prize pack valued over $500, that includes a pair of Sticks and Sparrow sunnies, Fressko flask, Damselfly XL Candle, Dream Cream and Unicorn Queen Coin Pendant! 

So voila! The chance to come and hang out at our gorgeous space, have a cheeky champagne, get a selfie with our unicorn & maybe leave with a gift haul all for yourself. 

Life is short, buy the candle! 

CH xx






November 03, 2016



White on white. Shimmering sunsets. Cobbled streets that lead to hidden bars and nights that never seemed to end. Lazy mornings and late, late lunches. The ultimate escape from Melbourne winter is ALWAYS to head over to to the northern hemisphere and get your European summer vibes on. 

I know, I know… It's très annoying... Everyone you know seems to be in Santorini flashing their brown limbs and naturally sun bleached hair in some kind of world wide Greek holiday spree. You are sick of perfect scenery of white washed walls and pure blue sea, ouzo and seafood platters as big as table tops. I know this. I feel your pain now that I’m back and looking at what seems like everyone I know over in the Greek islands living it up. 

 But still, I went there myself and spent weeks wanderlusting and sipping frappes on sun drenched decks, and I fell head over heels in love. The people, the food, the sights, and just slooowwwing down for some precious escape from reality time. 

 I caught up with family, sipped ouzo for breakfast, laughed till I cried, swum like a mermaid and shopped for trinkets in tiny towns. It was bliss. 

Here's a little sneak peek into my trip back to the motherland and my new favourite place in the whole world. 


CH xx


October 06, 2016

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Cancer. It fucking sucks. There isn’t really a more eloquent way of expressing that for us. It just does. 

For the team here at Damselfly, and our friends at Dear Blackbird Boutique, cancer has made its impact into our lives and we have experienced the hopelessness that comes from feeling like we can’t do anything. But we can. And we have. We truly believe that a cure will be found in the near future, and we also know that to find it, money needs to be spent. That simple. 

So to do our small part we have teamed up with DBB to create a collaborative candle in which 100% of all profits will be donated to the Cancer Council to assist in medical research and support for patients and their loved ones. Our design packs a punch. It is blunt and real and from the heart. 

For us, it is a way of taking charge and making a difference, because sometimes when fighting a beast like cancer, you need to roll your sleeves up and just DO something, however big or small. So fuck cancer, buy a candle, and help support the NBCF do their thing. 

CH xx


August 23, 2016

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We've decided to go behind the scenes of our favourite stores to get to know the people behind the shop front and what makes them swoon.  

First up, the cool AF pair behind TheSuperCool, one of our all time favourite stockists, and also one of the raddest couples in town. 

1, Who are The Supercool? 

We are hubby & wife duo, Noonie & me (Kate) and toddler Lola of more recent times! Noonie used to be a business analyst for mining companies (go figure) and I worked in the fashion industry in branding, trend forecasting and visual merchandising. We've also had a great team of creative staff who have worked with us over the time whilst they pursue their careers (singers, event planners, visual merchandisers, photographers, stylists and graphic designers) So we're an eclectic bunch! 

2, What gets you out of bed and into work every day? 

I'd like to say something super motivational here like "the drive to climb mountains, achieve the impossible" etc etc but IRL its Lola waking us up, the responsibility to be at work or start the day. On a more macro scale, we strive to do our jobs better, to find ace brands to work with, to have customers come in store and love it or send us notes after shopping online with positive feedback! We crave gratification!!!  
3, Why did you select Damselfly to be in The Supercool’s Brand Family? 
Why wouldn't we? Damselfly got onto the quotes trend well before anyone else did and continue to pump out supercool quotes plus the actual scents of the candles are pretty amazing. It's not just a novelty gift - there's quality to back it up! AND you believe in Unicorns. Nuff said!
4, What has been the best reaction to our quote candles?  Any funny/awkward stories you can share? 
We have a very diverse audience in store however what has totally surprised us is the older shoppers who I thought would say "how rude!" but cackle away in laughter and elbow each other. Some say "we invented those words" - some take a pic holding it (in particular the darling, just own it!) Most people who come in just take pics and giggle and share it with their friends. It's a definite conversation starter!  

5, If you were a Damselfly quote, which one would you be?
Unicorns are awesome, I am awesome, therefore I am a unicorn!  We love unicorns. We believe in magic and we think we're awesome (most of the time!)  
6, What is your all time favourite Damselfly scent? 
Delilah - still my fave. It's unusual, you can't quite place the scent and its' a great gender neutral candle. 

7, What is up next for The Supercool?
We are about to start shipping internationally shortly (we have huge growth internationally with customers wanting a piece of the SuperCool world) and working on more collaborations (we are about to launch a great poster depicting illustrations of Melbourne done with designer, Sam Merrigan) 
8, And finally….. Mythical creature of choice - mermaid, unicorn or….. ?
Hmmm.... A cross between a Unicorn & the Neverbeast of Never Never Land - Both can fly high, the unicorn is magical and infinitely cool, the Neverbeast is a hardworking beast that does the grunt work and some fear but shouldn't!!
To get your hit of Damselfly, and all the other awesome brands these guys stock, head to TheSuperCool shop located at 322-326 Coventry St, South Melbourne or head online to thesupercool.com
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