This is Damselfly: The modern lifestyle game changers. Intuitive and innovative, with a healthy dose of humour.

We are an Australian lifestyle brand, here to enhance your world with a careful curation of beautifully designed products. We are a passionate female lead team, with a sparkling sense of humour and a keen eye for considered style. 

We keep it real and craft what we love because we know you’ll  love it too. We produce thoughtful products that engage with your sense of self, style and contemporary culture.  And make you laugh at the same time, because we are all about lighting you up from the inside out.

We are home to the original quote candle, but we don’t stop there…

We produce a broad range of coconut - soy based candles, alongside an iconic wine range, lush body care and covetable stationary. To harbour that sense of personal connection with our customers, we weave our key themes of witty word smithery and ethereal zodiac references across our product offerings, creating an instantly recognisable style.

At the heart of the brand lies a belief in making positive change and promoting sustainable design, so our conscious creations are designed in house and produced locally. Our products use natural fragrance, non-toxic coconut-soy based wax, and are all vegan friendly & cruelty free because we invest in minimising our impact on the earth and value the wellness of our customers. 

Think of us as risk takers, glass ceiling breakers, free spirits and extraordinary makers who are changing the way you view self-care and home styling. 

Bold, fierce, and kinda badass. This is our story. 


Christianna Heideman is the creative director and enigmatic leader of the brand, knowing just how to reinvent the wheel when it comes to design. She is passionate about creating unique products and forever reimagining the mundane. 

In 2004 she launched her debut label Damselfly by Christianna Heideman, and swiftly transformed the way Australian women accessorised. Taking on the large retailers to etch out a brand with a world-wide fanbase, Heideman is known for her almost clairvoyant trend forecasting and ability to stay one step ahead of the game.

A curious creator by nature, Heideman managed to permeate pop culture when she launched her first collection of original quote candles, which remain one of the brands most beloved buys. Instantly a cool girl buzz buy, this was the original quote candle that elevated to cult level status across the globe, resulting in the launch of more unique homewares and lush body products that have collectively disrupted their categories. 

Known for her razor-sharp wit, and enviable work ethic, this busy entrepreneur continues to innovate and delight fans of the brand with launch after launch of sell out products. 

Innately knowing how to cultivate an iconic aesthetic in her designs, this busy mother and creative director creates a world that references the dreamers, the creatives, the thinkers and the makers all into a standout brand. She is progressive, playful and a real powerhouse in the Australian design world.