OH MY... GUCCI FALL 2016...

“Fashion should be a form of escapism…” Alexander McQueen

And that is exactly what fashion darling Alessandro Michele delivered at the Gucci Fall 2016 show last week. 

We are unabashed fans of extreme fantasy visionaries here at Damselfly, and no one has our mermaid fins a-fluttering more than this latest offering from Gucci’s RTW collection. 

The addictively opulent show was literally an ethereal magic fairy wonderland on crack. Think of a love child between Willy Wonka and Cara Delevinge and you are getting close to the vibe here. Models came streaming down the catwalk in an array of colours that would make a god damn rainbow look bleak and we f$&king loved it. 

Fluffy fluro pink faux fur battled for attention with reams of dreamy chiffon, all woven together amongst a wacky sports luxe/ oriental / geek chic /sequin extravaganza. Phew. THIS is how fashion should be. A delightful fusion between gob smacking design and savage sexiness. 

 We were taken to a world far away from the monochrome sleekness we have been seeing lately, and it reminded us that sometimes, more is more is more…

Seriously, these catwalk images speak for themselves, so sit back, take a sip of the KoolAid, and enjoy a visual feast of spectacular coloured vibrancy… A welcome escape indeed. Take a bow sir...

CH xx


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