On the fashion week that was. Friday marked the last day of MBFWA '16 in Sydney, and it’s time to say #byefelicia to what was an outstanding representation of Australian fashion. 

Certainty not without some drama of course.. (#formation backlash anyone?) however this was also such an impressive display of the local talent we get to show off internationally. 

 As always it was the diversity of Australian designers that had us all drooling, and we saw every look from soft and romantic to edgy and outlandish. Australians are such a mixed bag in terms of style, and our most recent fashion week certainly reflected this. 

After shuffling the usual dates to capitalise on the growing resort genre, the spotlight from overseas was bright, the fashion strong, and we all fell in love with the stunning looks that came striding down the catwalk. 

Personally, our favourite new trends? We are lusting over the yellow tones splashed across the catwalk, in every hue from citrine to mustard.

The head to toe white on white trend was a staff fave, with texture and layers creating an ethereal look across quite a few labels. (although we, of course being Melbourians also couldn't get enough of all the black) 

Finally, without a doubt for us the stunning trend of ultra sheer, barely there gowns had us head over heels in lust (and recommitting to Pilates.. this is not a look for the fainthearted or self conscious) 

Sigh.... So.Much.Pretty. Here is a quick snapshot of some of favourite looks, both on the streets and the catwalk. Till next season faasshun lovers...




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