We've decided to go behind the scenes of our favourite stores to get to know the people behind the shop front and what makes them swoon.  

First up, the cool AF pair behind TheSuperCool, one of our all time favourite stockists, and also one of the raddest couples in town. 

1, Who are The Supercool? 

We are hubby & wife duo, Noonie & me (Kate) and toddler Lola of more recent times! Noonie used to be a business analyst for mining companies (go figure) and I worked in the fashion industry in branding, trend forecasting and visual merchandising. We've also had a great team of creative staff who have worked with us over the time whilst they pursue their careers (singers, event planners, visual merchandisers, photographers, stylists and graphic designers) So we're an eclectic bunch! 

2, What gets you out of bed and into work every day? 

I'd like to say something super motivational here like "the drive to climb mountains, achieve the impossible" etc etc but IRL its Lola waking us up, the responsibility to be at work or start the day. On a more macro scale, we strive to do our jobs better, to find ace brands to work with, to have customers come in store and love it or send us notes after shopping online with positive feedback! We crave gratification!!!  
3, Why did you select Damselfly to be in The Supercool’s Brand Family? 
Why wouldn't we? Damselfly got onto the quotes trend well before anyone else did and continue to pump out supercool quotes plus the actual scents of the candles are pretty amazing. It's not just a novelty gift - there's quality to back it up! AND you believe in Unicorns. Nuff said!
4, What has been the best reaction to our quote candles?  Any funny/awkward stories you can share? 
We have a very diverse audience in store however what has totally surprised us is the older shoppers who I thought would say "how rude!" but cackle away in laughter and elbow each other. Some say "we invented those words" - some take a pic holding it (in particular the darling, just own it!) Most people who come in just take pics and giggle and share it with their friends. It's a definite conversation starter!  

5, If you were a Damselfly quote, which one would you be?
Unicorns are awesome, I am awesome, therefore I am a unicorn!  We love unicorns. We believe in magic and we think we're awesome (most of the time!)  
6, What is your all time favourite Damselfly scent? 
Delilah - still my fave. It's unusual, you can't quite place the scent and its' a great gender neutral candle. 

7, What is up next for The Supercool?
We are about to start shipping internationally shortly (we have huge growth internationally with customers wanting a piece of the SuperCool world) and working on more collaborations (we are about to launch a great poster depicting illustrations of Melbourne done with designer, Sam Merrigan) 
8, And finally….. Mythical creature of choice - mermaid, unicorn or….. ?
Hmmm.... A cross between a Unicorn & the Neverbeast of Never Never Land - Both can fly high, the unicorn is magical and infinitely cool, the Neverbeast is a hardworking beast that does the grunt work and some fear but shouldn't!!
To get your hit of Damselfly, and all the other awesome brands these guys stock, head to TheSuperCool shop located at 322-326 Coventry St, South Melbourne or head online to

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I love all your stuff, but THIS!!!! We need to get these in the shop!!! You’re amazing -Kx

Eggplant & Poppy October 11, 2016

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