White on white. Shimmering sunsets. Cobbled streets that lead to hidden bars and nights that never seemed to end. Lazy mornings and late, late lunches. The ultimate escape from Melbourne winter is ALWAYS to head over to to the northern hemisphere and get your European summer vibes on. 

I know, I know… It's très annoying... Everyone you know seems to be in Santorini flashing their brown limbs and naturally sun bleached hair in some kind of world wide Greek holiday spree. You are sick of perfect scenery of white washed walls and pure blue sea, ouzo and seafood platters as big as table tops. I know this. I feel your pain now that I’m back and looking at what seems like everyone I know over in the Greek islands living it up. 

 But still, I went there myself and spent weeks wanderlusting and sipping frappes on sun drenched decks, and I fell head over heels in love. The people, the food, the sights, and just slooowwwing down for some precious escape from reality time. 

 I caught up with family, sipped ouzo for breakfast, laughed till I cried, swum like a mermaid and shopped for trinkets in tiny towns. It was bliss. 

Here's a little sneak peek into my trip back to the motherland and my new favourite place in the whole world. 


CH xx


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