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Cancer. It fucking sucks. There isn’t really a more eloquent way of expressing that for us. It just does. 

For the team here at Damselfly, and our friends at Dear Blackbird Boutique, cancer has made its impact into our lives and we have experienced the hopelessness that comes from feeling like we can’t do anything. But we can. And we have. We truly believe that a cure will be found in the near future, and we also know that to find it, money needs to be spent. That simple. 

So to do our small part we have teamed up with DBB to create a collaborative candle in which 100% of all profits will be donated to the Cancer Council to assist in medical research and support for patients and their loved ones. Our design packs a punch. It is blunt and real and from the heart. 

For us, it is a way of taking charge and making a difference, because sometimes when fighting a beast like cancer, you need to roll your sleeves up and just DO something, however big or small. So fuck cancer, buy a candle, and help support the NBCF do their thing. 

CH xx


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Eggplant & Poppy
Eggplant & Poppy

October 11, 2016

I love all your stuff, but THIS!!!! We need to get these in the shop!!! You’re amazing -Kx

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