Each month, we are heading behind the scenes of our favourite stockists to find out a little bit about the people beyond the shop front. 

This time, we chat to the gorgeous Hailey from Dear BlackBird Boutique about fashion, philanthropy and snake haired man-slayers...

1, Who is Dear Blackbird? 

Dear Blackbird is a women's clothing and lifestyle boutique in the quaint country town of Warragul, Vic. We offer an electric mix of cool Australian fashion and super gorge homewares.

2, What gets you out of bed and into work every day? 

That amazing feeling you get when you are living the life you've always wanted, and every day is a fun new adventure! That, and coffee.

3, Why did you select Damselfly to be in Dear Blackbird? 

Who else could read our thoughts and put them on candles! Damselfly candles speak for those that have quiet voices, but loud imaginations! #candlegamestrong 

4, What has been the best reaction to our quote candles?  Any funny/awkward stories you can share? 

We've definitely been scoffed and frowned at and have seen heads shaking as they grab their children's hands and leave the store...but we have also seen 90 year old women chuckling alone by the candles, groups of girlfriends laughing loudly and secretly buying them for each other. And my favourite moment, seeing 'proud tears' come from my mummas eyes when she saw that we had collaborated on a Damselfly 'Fuck Cancer'' candle and raised over $4000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in her honour.

5, If you were a Damselfly quote, which one would you be?

It depends on my mood, today I'm definitely feeling ''Drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap and handle it''  because being an adult is hard sometimes! If you asked my partner, we would say it's ''Cute, but psycho. But cute"'

6, What is your all time favourite Damselfly scent? 

INCA for sure, it mellows me out!

7, What is up next for Dear Blackbird?

We have some suuuuupperrr exciting things happening this year! One thing in particular is going to knock your socks off and you'll never see it coming! But its a surprise, so you'll have to sign up to our newsletter via our website to get the goss! We'll be announcing it at the end of August!

8, And finally….. Mythical creature of choice - mermaid, unicorn or….. ?

 Medusa would be one of my favs. That bitch is cray, she has a head full of snakes and can turn men to stone with a single look!


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