Some days you dream about being a mermaid, other days you dream about changing the world. Well, here at Damselfly we like to make dreams a reality and that is exactly what we are doing. We are on a mission to wake, slay, and call in the unicorn troops (psst that’s you!) to increase support to those affected by pancreatic cancer.

We have lined up with Georgia Love and the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (Pancare) on the frontline to help raise much needed funds and keep the love burning.

Georgia Love first opened her heart on national TV in her quest to find love as a Bachelorette. Her quest in the name of love has not stopped there. After recently losing her mother to Pancreatic Cancer, Georgia saw an opportunity to make a change and increase awareness of the disease – and as a recently appointed Pancare Ambassador, that is exactly what she is doing.

As the saying goes, keep your enemies close, right? Yeah, we’re watching you, Cancer! And so is the Pancare Foundation, a not-for-profit charity like no other, which is dedicated to supporting those affected.

Pancreatic Cancer currently has the lowest survival rate of all cancers, and this has sadly been unchanged for the last 40 years. The mission of the Pancare Foundation is to keep the light shining and make a difference by raising vital funding and support for medical research.

Our quest? When life throws you lemons, make candles! In collaboration with the Pancare Foundation, Georgia and the Damselfly team have created a candle that surely does keep our passion for love burning bright. Reading ‘love is all you need’ and wafting a choice of two heart-warming scents, it’s a candle that makes a difference and one that Georgia holds dear to her heart. 100% of profits will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation to assist them in fulfilling their purpose of increasing survival and support to those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Mermaids, arm the troops with love and unite – let’s kick cancer to the curb!  

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