Ah, 'Le Valentine's Day...'

The national day of love, romance, nervous glances at the door when a flower delivery comes a knockin'.. and then the nonchalant shrug when they don't head in your direction. The highs and lows of a day we pretend not to care about right?

Of course, we are feisty, fearless feminists here at HQ, so we don't need red roses to make us feel special. (for one thing, we obvs think roses are pretty 90's, and for another, we expect random flowers for no reason every day because we are god damn queens) 

As for love itself? Meh... Of course we are pretty laid back. We just want a partner that makes us laugh, treats us like a precious creature but NEVER tells us we can't do something for ourselves. We want someone to watch us fly, but to be there to catch us if we ever fall.

We want strength, but softness, passionate physical love and best friendship. We want the fairytale with the next door comfort. We want to be respected and adored. We want independence, and companionship all at once. We want it all. And have it all we shall. 

Now, we're not old fashioned here, so personally we really don't mind if the fairytale has a shiny ring included or not.. BUT.. *hold our glass, we've got a little something to say. 

It's 2017. Love is LOVE. The fact that the right to marry in this country is reduced down to gender is just outdated. To remove the equal rights of our same sex lovin' friends because of a marriage act written in like, 1578 is totes embarrassing for all of us.

In our eyes, you should be able to marry a man, woman, or unicorn if you want. (ok, a unicorn is going a bit far) but it's just about true love, right? So this Valentine's Day, shout from the rooftops that you want EVERYONE to be able to celebrate their love. Officially, legally, and with whomever makes their heart flutter. Fly your rainbow flag high for everyone. It's time. 

Happy V Day Lovers! 

 CH xx







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