Ok, we know, we know…We sell a few products that might make Granny blush… And sure, sometimes we push the envelope with our p’s and q’s…

But SHEESH… we’ve been the target of what we like to call modern day censorship lately, and it’s starting to make us giggle.

Living on the edge of political correctness was always going to be tricky, but we thought we’d share a laugh with you all about the latest in a long list where our particular brand of bad assy has got us on the naughty list.

It starts with my own mum, who can’t receive Dfly EDM’s or look at our website at work as they are blocked due to ‘profanity’.

It’s a sad world when you can’t celebrate Madonna buying your candle with your mum because it ends up buried deep in the corporate censorship folder. But to be honest, at the same time I do understand that some of our products may not be the most work appropriate… #sorrynotsorry

Then Facebook gave us a slap on the wrist, banning some of our wares from the shop area… Should we start a #freethecandle campaign to rival #freethenipple?

Pinterest quickly followed, but blocking our entire account from the shoppable function. We received a politely worded email suggesting we remove all profanity from our page before they will let us play... WTF Pinty? I thought we were friends… And who wants a Pinterest page with nothing but rainbows and butterflies anyway?

As if that wasn't enough, we were recently contacted by a large government organisation (who shall remain nameless, because, well.. government) to arrange promotional material to be sent to a potential distributor… but BANG… you guessed it, blocked again amigos. Not even our innocent lookbooks can make it past the censorship watch dogs..

It seems everywhere we turn, our cheeky brand of humour offends some G rated moderator the wrong way, and as much as we’d like to please everyone… Fuck it! Haters gonna hate, but we are going to keep rolling along, making you guys laugh and sticking it to the man.

Let’s not lose our sense of humour in these autocratic censorship rules, if it’s not harming anyone, it’s making people laugh, and doesn’t get my mum fired… We’re gonna keep doing exactly what we love...

Carpe that Fucking Diem!

CH x

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