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 As we go on the hunt for the perfect new home for the Damselfly crew, we are getting a little side tracked gazing at dreamy images of lofty, airy workspaces that are causing serious office envy.

An ideal office space is so much more than rows of computers and awkward cubicles.. For us, the ultimate work environment must be dreamy, imaginative, creative and fresh. It should inspire creativity rather than feel contained, and be a place that you adore spending time in that feels like home..

Currently all our day-dreams are about monochrome delights, white on white with a dash of black, and bringing the outdoors inside with lashings of indoor foliage. Crisp lines and minimalist furniture help create a look that leaves us feeling Zen AF and ultra inspired.

The perfect check-list? In our dreams, an all white exposed warehouse style space with a gorgeous rooftop terrace for those all important friday afternoon drinks, and plenty of space to play and decorate with our own lifestyle products and the team of inspiring creatives we share our days with.  And if there happens to be floor to ceiling loft style windows, we certainly won’t object...

Here’s a sneak look into our current lust list of spaces that will banish Mondayitis for good. Sigh, now back to hunting those real estate listings…


Wish us luck on our hunt for the new Dfly home!


CH xx



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