Your bestie. You know the one. The one who snap chats you 100 times a day, knows your entire family and will be brutally honest with you about that dress being too tight. 

She’s your sister from another mister, your partner in crime, your travel buddy, your confidant. You see each other through rose coloured glasses, which is ironic, because you have most DEFINITELY seen each other at your worst. 

The time you got your heart really, hideously broken? She was the one that feed you wine and cheese, plotted a potential revenge scheme, and played Beyonce at full volume while you danced, cried and then made you laugh again. 

The time you threw up from too much champagne? She cleaned you up, feed you burgers and took you home in one piece. 

That huge job interview you went for? Of course she loaned you her best new jacket, quizzed you possible questions and texted you in the morning to wish you luck. 

She’s the only person who understands the need to analyse a new lovers text message at midnight, and there’s no one else you would rather binge watch Netflix with. 

She is your tribe, your family, your fellow weirdo, your ride or die bitch. 

True friends make the world go around in a way that we couldn’t live without. They are the first ones to show up, and the last to leave, and they make life so.damn.fun. 

Here’s our ode to BFF's.. be they one, a whole girl gang, male or female, new friends or old….  Any shape they come in, we love the shit out of them!

 Shay xx






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Jeanine April 29, 2019

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