It’s that time of year again.. The day we all pretend not to care about, but secretly pop our heads up from our desks as soon as a flower delivery guy appears in the door… yep, that’s right, Valentine’s Day is here!
We LOVE to love here at Damselfly, and totally get into the whole "spoil us with gifts idea", but it’s given us time to reflect on the little things that make us fall in love with that special person in our life and what really matters..
SO we have compiled a cheat sheet of the top 10 things that makes us that little bit more smitten with our lovers...
1, Make sure you tell us that you love the shit out us! Often.  
2, Pretend that you care when we try on the 138th outfit.. even when we are running late.
3, Remember our mum’s birthday.. Actually, bonus points if you remind us of it too.
4, Must like all our best friends.. and like their Instagram posts too.
5, Don’t stand behind us, or in front of us. Stand next to us, and be proud (and never envious) of our girl boss achievements!
6, Bring us dirty take away after a massive night without judgement.
7, When we say “it’s fine”… Know that’s it probably not.
8, You have to like our dog/cat/hermit crab.. We know they are a little annoying, but it’s a non negotiable.
9, Being too jealous is off-putting. But it’s also secretly kinda flattering once in a while.
10, And always keep in mind… Our love is like a candle, if you forget us, we will burn your fucking house down! 
Happy V Day Lovers! 
CH x

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