YASS QUEENS! We have a new home! Finally, after searching every real estate listing in Melbourne, we located the office of our dreams in Richmond.

Fresh, crisp white painted brick walls, expansive polished floors and stunning high vaulted ceilings, sun filled loft windows and lots of natural light. The space feels breezy and zen-like, and there are already rumours of morning crystal meditations and yoga sessions to come.

And so begins the process of moving in… When you work with OCD design freaks like ourselves, that in itself can be a bit of a process. Everything must be just so.

Of course, we would never risk the bad feng shui of forgetting to sage the bad spirits away, and in true D’fly style, our purging of bad energy also resulting in the smoke detectors going off.. (Sorry to the local firemen, but you’ll be happy to know our chakras are balanced now)

Yes, blah, blah, we need electricity, wifi, and all the rest, but mainly… Plants! Knitted mermaid tails! Giant crystals! Lifesize unicorns! Pantone mugs! All the pretty things must be located and now..!

Every casual trip to get coffee seems to result in a random carload of new accessories, and we have lost hours debating the perfect waste paper bins, but slowly this blank canvas is being made into an inspirational work space.

There has been more flatpack furniture construction than any of us care to remember, and we all know that awkward feeling of putting together a huge cabinet and being left with extra screws at the end… But it should be ok right… Ikea always give you a few extra don’t they?

Here is a sneak peek into our new digs… And the sweat, tears and laughs along the way.. Can’t wait to share the finished space with you soon, but until then… We have giant clam shells to fill, and lush green plants to hang!

CH xx





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