Dusting off the glitter and hitting the New Year hard…
At some point, we all have to crawl out of the fog from the crazy fortnight that is Xmas and New Year’s Eve, dust off the residual sparkle (& killer hangovers) and look towards to the bright, shiny New Year that stretches ahead of us!

Though they come from good intentions, the notion of #cleaneating resolutions and #blessed mantras tend to dilute as time passes. Although a fresh calendar start can be as good as a holiday, and it certainly gives us time to reflect on the year that was. 

So what worked in 2015 that we can carry into this new year? What did we love? What made us feel the most connected and complete? And, what are we happy to leave behind?

Above all else, I feel that the most resounding lesson from last year was to 'be real”! That’s right #genuine. With so much talk of “realness” lately it made me assess what it means to me…

The last year has exposed more challenges and rewards than ever before and saw the launch of the most honest offering in my design career to date, being Damselfly quote candles. As my close friends constantly tell me, this range is me in candle form. It’s a truly genuine collection that reflects my personality to a tee. From the love of mermaids & unicorns to a good dose of girl boss sass and a touch of gutter humour with punch. Surprisingly enough, there are a bunch of peeps out there that relate to my humour and love a candle that kisses you on one cheek and slaps you on the other! 

I reached a certain point of realisation that the moments leaping out and feeling right were ones that I didn’t over analyse and that came from the heart. The meetings, ideas and designs that I lead with my heart, forgetting about who was watching and what they might be thinking, were the ones that felt the most wholesome, receiving the strongest response and forming genuine connections.

Perhaps it’s me getting a little older, or a tiny bit wiser, but this year I want to forget the bitchy little social media trolls, ignore the people that tell me I shouldn’t, and jump into 2016 knowing I CAN do it… I WILL do it, and I SHOULD do it. There’s not enough time for us to waste on negativity, bringing others down, or being too scared to make the leap.

This is the year to jump without a safety net, lead from the heart, make friends with all the inspiring people that cross my path, keep designing with passion, and ignore all the naysayers. I want to continue seeking out like minded people who elevate and support my plans, no matter how crazy they may seem.

I want to hang out with people who support and encourage rather than belittle and bring down. I want to create a life full of my wildest dreams and make them come true, by being myself, believing in me and throwing a good dose of that positivity around to the people I meet. 

This is the year to put on some bad ass gansta rap, throw your hair in a bun and handle it in the most fabulous way possible! I’m hitting the ground running and ready smash the shit out of 2016.. I hope you all are too!


C xx





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