I have a slight obsession with doors. I can see how this would come across as a little weird, but there is something beautiful and mysterious about doors.. Who lives behind it? Who has walked inside or out? Why did they choose to paint  it dusty pink? How many times has it opened and closed? I'm not sure why, but whenever I travel abroad I find myself lagging behind taking photo’s of every door I pass in the street. This is apparently quite annoying… “Haven’t you taken enough photo’s of doors yet!.. This is getting creepy..” I heard my fiancé say as we wandered through India. Maybe I shouldn't tell him about my other obsession of looking inside peoples windows at night... shhh.
So instead of coming back with happy snaps by the pool and the Taj Mahal, I have over 300 photo’s of random peoples front doors and I'd like to share with you a few of my favourites with you.. CHx

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