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F R E E  S H I P P I N G  O V E R  $ 9 9  




November 17, 2016

Just like Damselfly, State of Grace know how to rock a good pun, so we knew it was a match made in fashion heaven. We first came across the cute AF work of the Canadian based besties whilst we were on an online shopping binge, and have been obsessed with their brand ever since.  Describing their range as a " premium loungewear line designed for life's less graceful moments. Easy to wear, quality pieces designed with deadly hangovers, pizza addictions and netflix marathons in mind. Mixed personalities of quick witt and sophistication give loungewear a fun, fresh new look" Seriously? They had us at Resting Brunch Face.  And anytime we come across another girl brand that gives us all the lols, we know... Continue Reading →