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Nasty Woman - LRG Candle

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Here’s to all the #nastywomen 

The strong AF, empowered, goal reaching, independent women. The brave ones, the strong ones kicking ass and taking names daily. 

And to salute you, we have released an exclusive candle, for all the goddesses out there not afraid to break the rules. So keep being clever, bold, and loud. Be ‘nasty’ enough until your haters ask you if you’re hiring*. 

 *(except you Trump, ain’t no-one EVER hiring you #sorrynotsorry) 


Warm, heady inhales of amber, cedarwood, vanilla bean and patchouli. Like a lofty high for your senses. 

Our Inca. Smells like soaring feels. 

 • Non-toxic soy based wax, hand poured in Australia 

• Up to 60 hours burning time

• 2 x natural lead-free cotton wicks

• Diameter - 9cm Height- 10.5cm

• Net weight - 300g/10.5oz



TOP: Lime, Rhubarb

MIDDLE: Patchouli, Cyclamen, Jasmine

BASE: Amber, White Musk, Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood 


For detailed candle safety & care - view here



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