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Congrats On Your Face - XL Candle -- congratscongrats on your facecute but psychoFreshgracesalexl -- skip false

You're a whole lot of lovely - LRG Candle -- Freshlargelaylalovelovelynicesoy waxspend & savesummerwhole lot of lovelyyou are -- skip false

Hahahahaha - LRG Candle -- BOSS BITCHcandlecute but psychoFuck youHahaHahahahafuckyouincano fucks givenOrientalsaleWoody -- skip false

Fly Damsel Fly - Votive -- damselestellelargeminisalestarsvotive -- skip false

White Fly Damsel Fly - Votive -- damselestellelargeminisalestarsvotive -- skip false

Ivory - Premium Candle -- Floralivoryno fucksno fucks givenOrientalpremiumsale -- skip false

Festive As F*ck Sticker - LRG Candle -- as fuckchristmasfestiveFreshHolidayslargelaylaspend & savexmas -- skip false

F*** Being Perfect - LRG Candle -- candleevief***FloralFreshfuckfuck being perfectfuck itlargeperfectpinksale -- skip false

Hustle Hard Girl - LRG Candle -- candleFloralfrankieFreshFruitygirlgirl bosshustle hardlargepinkredspend & save -- skip false

Vodka May Not Be The Answer - XL Candle -- BOSS BITCHdelilahFruityI love youkardashiankris jennerkris jenner candleno fucks givenshotspend & savevodkaworth a shotxl -- skip false

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