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You're a whole lot of lovely - LRG Candle -- Freshlargelaylalovelovelynicesoy waxspend & savesummerwhole lot of lovelyyou are -- skip false

GEORGIA LOVE COLLAB - INCA -- collabgeorgiaincalovelovedmumpancarequoteyou are loved -- skip false

BADASS MAMA COLLAB - LAYLA -- canldecollabdiruptincamamamum -- skip false

BADASS MAMA COLLAB - INCA -- badasscandlecollabdisruptmamamumquote -- skip false

MOTHER HUSTLER - LRG -- galaxyhustlerlaylalrgmothermum -- skip false

COOL MUM - LRG -- cool mumgalaxylargelaylamumregular mum -- skip false

YOU'RE MAGICAL - LRG -- largelaylamagicalmothers daymumyou are -- skip false

LIFE IS TOUGH MY DARLING - LRG -- darlinggalaxyincalifelrgmothers daytough -- skip false

MOTHERF*CKING GODDESS - LRG -- beautifulgoddessincalargelove the shitmothers daymum -- skip false

BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED - LRG -- bloomincalrgmothers daymumplpanted -- skip false

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