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Adulting Is Hard -- Adultingadulting is hardhardRoseWine -- skip false

Rosé and Slay -- roserose and slayslayslay all daywine -- skip false

Are You Drunk? -- are you drunkcandlecelebrationslargenoroserose and slaywineyes -- skip false

Bad Decisions -- badbad decisionsdecisionspairspairs wellpinot grigiowhitewine -- skip false

Wine Down -- downpinot grigiotimetime to wine downwhitewine -- skip false

White Christmas -- christmasdreaminglargepinot grigiowhiteWine -- skip false

Naughty List -- clare valleyincreaseslistlisten closelynaughtynaughty listshirazWine -- skip false

Bottom Of The Bottle -- answerbottlebottomclare valleyshirazshould at least checkwine -- skip false

But First Wine -- butbut first wineclare vallyfirstshirazwine -- skip false

Zen AF - Votive -- lunamininaughtvotivezenzen af -- skip false

Cute But Psycho - Votive -- amalacuteminipsychovotive -- skip false

Fly Damsel Fly - Votive -- damselestellelargeminivotive -- skip false

I Love The Sh*t Out Of You - Votive -- gracei love youloveminishitvotiveyou -- skip false

Just Breathe - Votive -- breathekenziminivibesvotive -- skip false

Made Of Stars - Votive -- kenzimade of starsministarsvotive -- skip false

White Fly Damsel Fly - Votive -- damselestellelargeminivotive -- skip false

Namaste B*tches - Votive -- bitcheskenzimininamastevibesvotive -- skip false

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