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Love Is Like A Candle - XL Candle -- burnburn your house downcute but psychodelilahFruityHEY LOVERmadonnamy love is like a candlexl -- skip false

Humble, With A Hint of Kanye - XL Candle -- BOSS BITCHdelilahFruityhumble with a hint of kanyekanyekardashiankris jennerkris jenner candleno fucks givenxl -- skip false

Good Vibes - XL Candle -- FreshFruitygood vibesgood vibes onlygracexl -- skip false

Inhale Tacos, Exhale Negativity - LRG Candle -- exhale negativityFloralFruitygood vibes onlyinhale tacoslargemexicannarieltacotacoszen af -- skip false

Burrito Dreams - XL Candle -- BOSS BITCHburritodelilahdreamsFruitygirl bossGOAL DIGGERno fucks givenxlyesterday -- skip false

The Moon Was Full - XL Candle -- candledelilahFruityin my defenceMERMAIDSmoonthe moon was fullUNICORNS & MAGICunsupervisedxl -- skip false

I Stopped Waiting For The Light... - XL Candle -- BOSS BITCHdelilahFruitygirl bossi stopped waiting for the lightlit that bitch up myselfno fucks givenxl -- skip false

Some People Just Need A High-Five - XL Candle -- BOSS BITCHchairdelilahFruityhigh fivein the faceno fucks givensome people just needxl -- skip false

Girl Boss - LRG Candle -- BOSS BITCHcandleFloralFruitygirl bossgoal diggerlargenariel -- skip false

Beyonce Wasn't Built In A Day - XL Candle -- adultbeyonceBOSS BITCHbuilt in a dayFreshFruitygracexl -- skip false

Stardust Soul - XL Candle -- adultFreshFruitygraceheart of goldstardust soulxlyou are beautiful -- skip false

Actually A Mermaid - LRG Candle -- candleFloralFruityI'm actually a mermaidlargemermaidMERMAIDSnarielUNICORNS & MAGIC -- skip false

Magic Seeker - XL Candle -- FreshFruitygracemagicmermaidsseekerseeker of everyday magicUNICORNS & MAGICxl -- skip false

Just Breathing - LRG Candle -- Fruitygood vibes onlyjust breathelargenarielzenzen af -- skip false

You Are Beautiful - LRG Candle -- body washFloralFruitygood vibes onlyHEY LOVERlargenarielyou are beautiful -- skip false

Fight Like A Girl - LRG Candle -- candlefight like a girlFloralFruitygirl powerlargenariel -- skip false

If You Listen Closely - XL Candle -- candledelilahDGAFdon't give a fuckFruityfuckIDGAFlisten closelynot giving a fuckxl -- skip false

I Gotta Dig Bick - XL Candle -- big dickcandledelilahdickdig bickFruitymandlexlyou read that wrong -- skip false

Nariel Monochrome -- bespokecustomcustom candlesFloralFruitygiftlargemonochromemothers daynarielpersonalisedunique gifts -- skip false

Nariel Colour -- customcustom candleFloralFruitylargemothers daynarielpersonaliseduniqueunique giftswedding gifts -- skip false

Goal Digger - LRG Candle -- BOSS BITCHcandleFloralFruitygirl bossgoal diggerlargenariel -- skip false

Don't Try To Explain Yourself To Idiots - XL Candle -- candledelilahexplain yourselfFruityI love youidiotskardashiankris jennerkris jenner candlelargeloveQuote Candlesoywhispererxl -- skip false

Love You To The Moon - LRG Candle -- Fruity -- skip false

I Hate You - LRG Candle -- candleFloralFruityi hate youlargelovenarielvalentinevalentines day -- skip false

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