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Aint No Hood, Like Motherhood - LRG Candle -- aint no hood like motherhoodBOSS BITCHbridalbridebridesmaidcandleevieFloralFreshGIRL BOSSgoal diggerlargelovemarriedpinkweddingwife -- skip false

Can't Adult Today - XL Candle -- adultBOSS BITCHcan't adultFreshFruitygracexl -- skip false

Good Vibes - XL Candle -- FreshFruitygood vibesgood vibes onlygracexl -- skip false

Beyonce Wasn't Built In A Day - XL Candle -- adultbeyonceBOSS BITCHbuilt in a dayFreshFruitygracexl -- skip false

I'm Not Ignoring You - XL Candle -- FreshFruitygraceignoringMERMAIDSunicornUNICORNS & MAGICwalkxl -- skip false

Stardust Soul - XL Candle -- adultFreshFruitygraceheart of goldstardust soulxlyou are beautiful -- skip false

Magic Seeker - XL Candle -- FreshFruitygracemagicmermaidsseekerseeker of everyday magicUNICORNS & MAGICxl -- skip false

You're Some Kind Of Magic - LRG Candle -- bridalbridebridesmaidcandleevieFloralFreshHEY LOVERlargelovemarriedMERMAIDSMOMMUMUNICORNS & MAGICweddingwifeyou're some kind of magic -- skip false

Gypsy, Mermaid, Goddess - XL Candle -- FreshFruitygoddessgracegypsymermaidMERMAIDSUNICORNS & MAGICxl -- skip false

So Much Love For You - LRG Candle -- bridalbridebridesmaidcandlecute but psychoevieFloralFreshHEY LOVERlargelovemarriedMOMMUMso much love for youweddingwife -- skip false

Love Print - LRG Candle -- bridalbridebridesmaidcandlecute but psychoevieFloralFreshHEY LOVERlargelovemarriedMOMMUMweddingwife -- skip false

Congrats On Your Face - XL Candle -- congratscongrats on your facecute but psychoFreshgracexl -- skip false

You Are Some Kind Of Wonderful - LRG Candle -- candlecuteevieFloralFreshi love youlargelovepinksome kind of wonderfulsweetwonderful -- skip false

Fresh Out Of F***s - XL Candle -- blushelodieFloralFreshfresh out of fucksfuckfuck itgirl bossgirl powerIDGAFpinkxl -- skip false

Every Inch A Queen - LRG Candle -- every inch a queenFreshlargelaylaqueenwife -- skip false

My Hand Is Stuck - XL Candle -- FreshFruitygracejar of salsamy hand is stucknicetired of fightingxl -- skip false

Nice Typography - XL Candle -- candleFreshFruitygracenicetypographyxl -- skip false

Rosé And Slay - XL Candle -- alcoholblushelodieFloralFreshpinkrose and slayroséslayslay all dayxl -- skip false

Kindness Doesn't Cost A Damn Thing - XL Candle -- blushelodieFloralFreshkindnesskindness doesn't cost a thingpinkspread kindnesssprinkle itsprinkle it everywherexl -- skip false

I Adore You - LRG Candle -- adorebrideFreshi adore youlargelaylalovemarriedwife -- skip false

Nice Butt - LRG Candle -- assbuttcandleevieFloralFreshlargelovenicenice buttpink -- skip false

Some Women Fear The Fire - XL Candle -- blushelodiefear the fireFloralFreshgirlgirl bossgirl powerHEY LOVERpinksome women fear the firewomenxl -- skip false

You're A Limited Edition - XL Candle -- blushelodieFloralFreshHEY LOVERlimited editionpinkxlyou're a limited edition -- skip false

F*** Being Perfect - LRG Candle -- candleevief***FloralFreshfuckfuck being perfectfuck itlargeperfectpink -- skip false

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