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May 04, 2017



"You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild"                                                                            

The Bride. The Bestie. The New Mumma. The Bridal Tribe. Your Sis. The shining lights in your life that you simply can’t live without. They deserve something special, bespoke & elegant. With a cheeky butt pinch. Because this is Damselfly, after all.

This is the collection you’ve always wanted to find when you get engaged, or when your best friend gets married. For when you just NEED to let your sister know how much you miss her. Or perhaps that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Maybe even a ‘I Forgot Your Birthday’ moment. In short, it’s the kind of present you’ve always been hunting for, but can never find something that just feels ‘right’. Something sweet without being sickly, and heartfelt without being overdone.

“Wild Hearts’ evokes all those feels, with an iconic range of fresh new candles, celebrating the mood of the most special moments with your tribe. But with some much loved Damselfly quirkiness.   

When we began to design this range, we wanted it to feel fresh and modern and different to anything we had done before. We secured talented artist Bree McDonald to collaborate with us on this project to create the artwork of our dreams.

To elevate the detail of Bree’s work, we designed all new packaging with foil detailing in dreamy tones of silver, and rose gold that adds to the glamour of the collection. These nestle amongst the softer tones of blush pink and silver, and result in the  colour palette of our dreams. Our latest packaging with the range features hand painted textural brush stroke detail offset with a custom typography print on the insert.

To be honest, we’ve all loved indulging with our inner valentines for  this collection. It’s been nice to add in some tonal magic to our signature monochrome style and experiment with something softer, a touch sweeter.

Wild Hearts is a crush-inducing, heart-stopping capsule from The Damselfly Collective. Artfully designed for the loves of our lives. For the wild hearted amongst us, this is true love.

Online now just in time for Mother's Day. 





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