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No-one likes that smug person leaving behind winter to chase summer in a magically beautiful location in Europe, so I'll try to avoid mentioning I'm heading to Greece, and Croatia, with a side serve of Venice, and stick to sharing my must-have travel essentials... 

As we ALL know, packing for the flight and final beach villa beyond is a huge part of the fun, and we all have our own 'desert-island' products to survive living out of a suitcase and arriving fresh AF after that uber long flight from Australia to .... well, pretty much anywhere in the world. Picking the right products will keep your bag light, your face fresh and your instagram snaps looking tight. 

Here are my 'ride or die' travel essentials: 

1. Damselfly Dream Cream:

Slather it on once you board the flight and daily once you land, delight your fellow passengers with the dreamy fragrance that will keep you soft and silky at the same time. It's light, fresh, and a million times better for your skin than the hotel-issued moisturiser. (Unless you are staying at Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, I hear they give you La Mer, but that's a whole other story..) 



2. Sunglasses:

These are my current obsessions, and will not leave my face from start to finish of this trip. I'm obsessed with both the colour and the shape, and they come in handy for covering my aperitif hour people watching/creeping vibes. 


3. Face Mist. 

Use during long haul flights to avoid dry, gross 'plane face', but then keep in your beach bag to freshen up once you arrive on vacay. Also perfect for setting makeup for night time cocktails. Smells like a mermaid and feels like liquid face silk. Basically spray on repeat the whole trip. 

4. Damselfly Candle.

It might just be me, but I need a cosy vibe of both home and a bit of calm when I travel, and there is something just a touch impersonal about the smell of even the most indulgent hotels. I tuck away a favourite D'Fly candle to freshen up the room when I arrive, and it never fails to help me sleep better. This is one of my faves from our latest range, and it's a blissful combo of fresh roses and violets, with a warming dash of bergamot and musk. Heavenly. 

5. Eye Mask 

Not only to block the light and let you sleep, but this one in particular just might help ward off those over chatty seat neighbours on the plane too. #sorrynotsorry

6. Sunscreen.

Goes without saying. I'm not a fan of sunburn, ageing, or skin cancer, so this is a non-negotiable every damn day. This Mecca fav glides on seamlessly and doesn't clog your pores. 

7. Go-To Swipeys

Holidays in the sun come with glorious 'no make up' times, but a LOT of SPF (see above), and these wipes used a few times a week at night gently cleanse away both the greasy 'screen and keep my skin fresh and glowy enough for minimal make up. Plus, let's be honest, we all have a girl crush on Zoe Foster-Blake, and anything she creates is legit magic. 


8. The 'I can't put it down' kinda book.  

One of the few joys of long haul flying is being able to switch off from the world for a few hours and get stuck into a real great read. Cat Marnell is an ex-beauty editor for Glamour Magazine, who has written a super juicy memoir into her high-as-a-kite rise to the top and subsequent downfall. It has all the feels and a few good life lessons, wrapped up in the international fashion world of sex, drugs and lipstick.



9. Turkish Towel.

A must have for adding warmth on a plane (because, who buys a pashmina past 1997, right?) Obvs, these are also a stylish and lightweight addition to my beach bag, for both official pool towel use, a quick cover up over a chic one-piece for happy hour, as well as a conversation starter with any cute man folk that happen to be wandering past.Triple threat for the win.


10. MOST of all...

When travelling, take your passport, an open heart, a zest for life and a readiness to overeat. It's Europe after all, and I know the best of my memories will come over chipped mugs filled with Ouzo, alongside my crazy and beloved Greek relatives, in afternoons that stretch into midnight easily with the ones I love. 

Happy winter guys, see you on the flip side!


CH xxx  








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