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The making of Frankie

Meet our creative girl gang. Together the three of us came up with the concept for Frankie and were instrumental in her development. It’s a range we’re super proud of, and we wanted to share a behind the curtain look into our unique processes of creation and design.


Designing is a very personal process for me, so it’s no surprise that ranges often reflect milestones in my life. Our previous Bad Bitch limited ed capsule was inspired by a turbulent break up, so it’s fitting that Frankie was imagined after 18 months of being a badass girl boss in the throws of love.
The blush and red colour palette was a driving force behind the creation of Frankie, as this pairing is central to the character’s story of sassy one liners, candy hearts and cherry red lips.

The muse behind this limited edition range was also key to creating it. She is equal parts vintage and contemporary - think Emily Ratajkowski and Georgia May Jagger meets 90’s Liv Tyler and Winona Ryder.
Working with my design and digital squad to bring Frankie to life has been one hell of a ride. We hope you love her as much as we do.


When the Frankie brief hit my desk I could already picture her in my mind. She was a little like Lolita, but with a whole lot more fire. In one hand she grasped a lollipop and in the other a fist of Jasmine and Cherry Blossom.
To me, Frankie held a wild fascination and allure - like the thorns on a beautiful rose. The sweet fragrance of her beauty would draw you in, but if you got too close her edges could draw blood.

I was inspired by the kind of bitchin’ babes that stand out in a crowd. The girls who walk into a room and take your breath away. So I helped to create a kickass queen who is seductive, flirtatious and fearless.

Having so much creative freedom whilst working on Frankie meant I was able to develop a character who perfectly reflected the story and muse imagined by Christianna.


Having seen Christianna’s mood board for Frankie and Jess’ draft of the character I set off to create a visual that mirrored these. There were the obvious tells to our girl - her signature red pout, the heart shaped candy and blood red roses. But I also needed to build out her nuances.

Next had to be the pantones and the packaging - researching and sampling every blush and red I could get my hands on. I had countless samples of colour combinations when the perfect pair landed on my desk. The blush vessel was soft and matte, coupled with a gloss red screenprint. Inside I had colour matched the wax to the screenprint so it shone like a cherry-red chapstick. Perfect.

With this in tow I began designing the box and insert. Working within our pantone theme I began to feature candy hearts in high gloss around the box edges. When you peel back the top, there is a lipstick kiss waiting for you.


Collectively we poured a lot of love into Frankie so that you'd have a sassy counterpart. Now come and check out what she's all about!

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