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As a creative, it’s sometimes hard to be relatable to others that don’t quite understand the special kind of ‘creative crazy land’ that I inhabit for most of my week.

The endless daydreaming, the manic midnight inspiration sessions, the quest to create, and the ability to lose myself in a patch of creativity that takes over practical stuff, like cooking and paying bills. The drive to create is a strange beast, that can be hard to identify sometimes...

For me, I have been so lucky to be raised in a home surrounded by women who also lose themselves in this dreamland, and no one more so than my talented sister and resident mega babe, Stephanie Heideman.

From the earliest age, we scribbled, styled, painted and created together, guided by our talented mumma who sewed, modelled, decorated around us, and our childhood was a kaleidoscope of colour, design and whimsy. I admired (somewhat enviously) her deft hand with pencil or paint, and she wore proudly my early attempts of jewellery (macaroni necklaces in gold anyone?)

I marvel at her works, sometimes complex and intricate patterns of ink and pen, or dreamy resin creations that draw you in with memorising abstraction. She creates pieces that you can’t stop staring at, and i’m awed by her talent every day.

Stephanie has a knack of highlighting the beauty in the everyday, as well as creating a world of fantasy with her artwork and prints. From woodland animals to Rihanna, she turns everything into a visual magic. These pieces sell across the world now, and I couldn’t be more proud to see her creations  pop up in boutiques and homes across the globe.

From surfboards to portraits, my sis literally turns any empty canvass into a lust worthy, authentic artwork, and so I was thrilled when she agreed to work with Damselfly to create a collection of prints for us. She has taken my obsession with gemstones, and spun her own artistic magic into them, and the result is a range of six bespoke prints of impeccable detail and beauty.

I feel so damn #blessed that my best friend is my sister, and my sister is such a talented artist. To share the love of design and creation has created a bond that is both inspirational and a whole lot of fun. It’s a crazy, messy, world that I’m happy we share together.

CH xx



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