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April 20, 2017



Black and white. Naughty and nice. Strong and vulnerable. We’re a brand that fuses life’s paradoxes together and celebrates them.

It is this mentality that allows a girl boss to believe in unicorns; a pretty smile to hide a dirty mind, the unhinged and the uncomplicated living side by side, holding hands in the same brain deciding whether to light up the room or burn the house down.

This kind of beautiful inner chaos, is what lead us to create the Light and Shade collection, our premium candle range. It is our most indulgent and tactile collection ever. and we have spared no time or expense to design each element of the range to next level luxury. 

The collection comes dressed in our most premium packaging that is as gorgeous as the candle itself. Subtle high gloss script shimmers on a heavy textured box with tonal detail that reflects the decadence of the debossed design inside. This is Light & Shade.

A perfect balance of crisp and clean design paired with indulgent texture and tactile appeal- the matte glass finish with chic deboss detail is as elegant to touch as it is to look at.

And the final Damselfly touch? Well that, our friends, is in the hint of the words embossed into the glass...  Good Vibes Only or No Fucks Given? Up to you lovelies. 


CH xx




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