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March 12, 2017



Tomorrow the Full Moon is rising in all it's glory, and you KNOW that means things are about to get a little cray-cray right?

Ok, before I hear any non-believers trying to tell me that the moon has nothing to do with human behaviour and emotions, let me just first explain why this has ALWAYS been the case. 

This isn't a new age hippie thing to believe in full moons and their effects. I mean, it's not just a Teen Wolf kinda vibe, you know? (On a side note, wasn't that just a classic 80's memory right there. Seriously Netflix, start streaming that nostalgic magic)

No, indeed if we even look at the age old language surrounding moon driven behaviour, we can see that this is a long-term ideology.

The term 'lunacy' comes from the latin origin of 'lunaticus', meaning, literally 'moonstruck'. We call it the Lunar effect, and it's what we pull out as an explanation when people seemingly lose their proverbial shit during the full moon. 

Teachers roll their eyes when a full moon is coming, knowing the kids will go loco, and hippies only cut their hair during this time, because, um, well.. hippies. People are charging their crystals, and it changes the tide and the vibe, big time. 

This upcoming full moon is a BIG one. And maybe we can even see that it was going to be, because it is one that predicts turmoil and a lack of understanding, and a wild spirited discontent. And as the world around us gets more divided, angrier, and people seems less 'sparkly' lately, well, maybe the full moon effect has more weight than we think...

For us mainly, it's a chance to regroup, hit restart and get a fresh perspective. We're going to drink wine, dance in the rain, sing at the stars and then embrace the new moon rising. It signals rebirth, a clean slate and a wave of inspiration. And that's something we think is worth losing our shit over. 

Stay wild moon child.

CH xx










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