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“Here's to the wild ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently”

This range is for you. The wild and the free. It’s imperfect and messy. It’s for those addictive girls who  give zero fucks and can never be tamed.

Inspired by breaking up and moving on, wild stories, crazy experiences & everything in between. Because life isn’t always shiny and perfect. And either is love. Sometimes you are the heart breaker, sometimes you are heartbroken. As our girl boss found out, well...life isn’t always a fairytale. This range was her cheeky nod to a messy breakup, but also one that encompasses the bad bitch we can all identify with.

“Bad Bitch Club’ is more than just a tagline. It’s a provocative insight into all of us. A snapshot into the behind-the-scenes lens of who we all are with #nofilter. A society of girls that showcase the complexities of being perfectly imperfect.

Say hello to Lottie, Stevie, Belle, Ruby & Alexa. Your new muses.

She might be you, or your best friend. She may even be the side of you that you hide from the world. She’s passionate and unapologetic. Maybe you are Lottie or Stevie? Or maybe a part of them all?

We’ve teamed up with our creative soulmate, local Melbourne artist Sean Leonard and realised an artistic collaboration that evokes an addictive and uniquely visual feast. Each design showcases intricate detail of our new girl crushes including kick ass quotes, wild sketches, powerful mantras and a whole lot of attitude.

Matte black vessels filled with black coconut soy wax are adorned with these original artworks, the result is storytelling in its purest form with crisp white screen print that draws you into the world of each of our bad bitches. Filled to the brim with a dark moody bespoke fragrance, featuring alluring notes of amber, bergamot vanilla, sandalwood and rose.

Bad Bitch Club. Your new muse is here, and she’s one hell of a ride.




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