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Normally, this blog is written by our fearless leader Christianna, but I have a little something to discuss so I've decided to take over for a renegade post today.      

As I’ve been scrolling through the tons of amazing pics and BTS action from our shoot this week, I couldn’t help but notice a little something astray...

The more I looked, the more I’m starting to think that shipping in a life size unicorn might have a little bit more to do with CH’s personal love affair with Mr Uni than strictly for photo shoot purposes.

Someone had way too much fun with this guy and to be honest we haven't seen her since. 
But I could be wrong... Let’s just have a look at some photo evidence from the day and you be the judges!
(If anyone happens to see her around, can you tell CH it was a unicorn for hire, not for keeps!)
Shay xx

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