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April 11, 2017



Ok, not really. Well, actually, I kinda do…. Look, I get it, there is a small chance that there isn’t really a mystical white horse-like creature, who may or may not be able to fly and stabs idiots in the head with their horn. But it’s nice to dream, right?

Do you remember being a little kid, and the anticipation of Christmas Eve? That magical feeling before you went to bed knowing that when you woke up, some sort of wizardry would have occurred, and there would be a pile of presents under the tree?

And even though you knew, deep down that Santa had used the same wrapping paper as your parents, and you saw the handle of the bike sticking out of a blanket in the shed… Well, there was  that little butterfly of belief that it WAS true.. and he DID exist. So you would go to bed, hardly able to sleep, imagining you could hear the tinkering of the sled?

Well, that’s the feeling I have about unicorns.. and mermaids.. And yes, damn it, I’m an adult, and I’m supposed to be sensible, and I pay bills, and eat sensibly, and all the rest. And I know that outside using LSD, you’re not supposed to believe in visions and magic and all the rest.

But honestly? I love that shimmery, tingling, child-like excitement when I imagine that these creatures are real, and maybe there are mermaids deep in the sea, and perhaps, just maybe, they might exist. That somewhere, somehow, there is a magic that is there, that only the believers can see.

And I imagine a perfect world, without the bills, and dental appointments, and adult responsibilities, where we all eat glitter for breakfast, and believe in magic, and dance under stars with fairies and animals who can sing.

And why? Because “real life” can be too vanilla and sometimes too serious. We have lost the art of playing, dreaming and the art of make believe somewhere along the way of leaving childhood and it sucks.

In a world far away from all this, in my happy place, I am surrounded by creative people.. the adventurers, the artists, and the musicians and all the sparkly love vibes…There are unicorns, and they drink mojitos and dance to David Bowie, and they make life seem like Christmas Eve even if just for a little while. And I go to bed with that tingle of excitement and it makes anything seem possible.

So you think I’m crazy? Why, I should get down off my unicorn and slap you.

I want to believe in the god damn magic, and I will.

CH xx








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